curlylad 15:22 19 Mar 2004

My AVG just picked up a Trojan called 'Downloader.VB.DZ'.It could not heal it so removed it to the virus vault.I had a look on Symantec and McAfee sites and the search results under the name came up blank on both sites.Perhaps it is a new Trojan so be warned , if you have AVG , make sure you are updated !!!

  georgemac 15:26 19 Mar 2004

how did it get in - via an email? do you run firewall software?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:29 19 Mar 2004

Most of these come with other software you install bit like spyware and are classified as Trojan Downloaders because the source code is similar to that of a trojans i have had a few like this that cannot or do not have any more info when you look it up,but still not somthing you wont on your pc.


  curlylad 15:36 19 Mar 2004

Not really sure how it got on , however I did download a demo game 2 days ago so perhaps more than likely the source so will be deleting that forthwith !

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:43 19 Mar 2004

Try scanning the demo your virus app may find the offender and remove it but in doing that the demo may not work.Usually if you install the app then remove the offender the thing still works but it can be hit and miss.



What demo was it?

  curlylad 12:11 20 Mar 2004

Wouldn't like to say on line as it may not be from the demo , when I find the source I will update this thread .

  Mango Grummit 12:17 20 Mar 2004

AVG is a virus catcher and is not good (or intended to be) with trojans -- it may have got this wrong.

  curlylad 12:29 20 Mar 2004

My AVG has picked up several Trojans before , which are listed on security sites as dedicated Trojans , not Viruses.So I would trust the judgement of AVG entirely perhaps it just picked up the harmful integrity of the Trojan regarding it as a threat and therefore classing it as a Virus. I get your point though , as AVG is not classed as a Trojan hunter as such why then does it regularly pick them up , can anyone answer this ?

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