Electronic_Eric 01:31 12 Nov 2008


I have a something that keeps installing a virus on my computer. The virus is and it keeps installing it at %winroot%\iw353558.dll. I have ran my normal anti- virus's and they just find the .dll. They don't find the actual program that keeps installing it. I downloaded a True Sword that claimed that it detects but im guessing that its only the .dll that it can find.

Do any of you have suggestions on how to get rid of it?

I have Win Xp sp2.

  tullie 07:30 12 Nov 2008

Read this

click here

  birdface 09:52 12 Nov 2008

Maybe try Superantispyware.Update it and go into safe mode and run it. click here

  birdface 09:52 12 Nov 2008

Maybe try Superantispyware.Update it and go into safe mode and run it. click here

  birdface 09:53 12 Nov 2008

Oops sorry about the double post.

  provider 2 12:00 12 Nov 2008

True Sword is a rogue anti-spyware program, according to Malwarebytes:

click here

It was de-listed by Spyware Warrior but their data seem not to have been updated for two years.

  Electronic_Eric 12:03 12 Nov 2008

That was an easy trojan to stop. I stopped it by turning it off in msconfig. I think it had the name norBtok.exe or empty.pif.

Superantispyware either thinks i have loads of worm.brontok.A virus's or im infected like mad. Its scanned 10000 and found 2500 worm.brontok.A virus's.

I thought the anti-virus and anti-spyware that i had was good enough. I have Zonealarm anti-virus and anti-spyware, Spybot search and destroy, Ad-aware and Spyware blaster. Now im using this SuperAntiSpyware. Do you any of recommend any other ones?

  provider 2 12:12 12 Nov 2008

No single program is ever going to be able to stop everything. There are simply too many rogue programs in existence and more appearing almost daily.

In addition to your existing arsenal you might want to have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version). It seems to be updated quite regularly.

click here

Remember to update, NOT upgrade unless you prefer the paid version.

  birdface 12:37 12 Nov 2008

Maybe download the Free version of Malwarebytes [make sure it is the free version]and remove either Spybot or Ad-Aware.

  Electronic_Eric 13:05 16 Nov 2008

That wasn't the last I heard from that trojan. On Thursday it came back. I did the same thing and now my real-time anti-virus isn't popping up all the time saying its spotted the virus. I think its still lurking around my computer though :( After my computer has just booted up there is 500-600Mb of ram in use. Which is ridiculously high to say I have the bare minimum running at boot up on XP.
Looks like im going to need to have a fresh install of XP to get rid of the little bugger.

Is it well known that virus's use Winamp to infect computers? Somebody mentioned it to me today and I don't know how true it would be.

I haven't had a proper virus like this for a good couple of years. I'm wondering how the little beast got in.

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