dawnal 12:55 27 Sep 2005

I have a trojan horse on my computer called Killreg. I have tried to remove it but it keeps coming back. I turned off system restore whikle I was removing it. It hasn't worked. Can anyone tell me anything about this and, of course, how to get rid of it.


  Anti_Virus 13:15 27 Sep 2005

Went on Symantec online virus definitions. Couldn't find a trojan called killreg, but there was one called killfiles. Maybe they're similar. Anyway, here's Symantec's page:

click here

It says something about system restore in there, but if you've already tried it, then I don't know.

Have you got good Anti-Virus on you PC?

  zarobian 16:12 27 Sep 2005

If you have an up-to-date Anti Virus program then start the computer in safe mode and run the scanner.

  VoG II 16:28 27 Sep 2005

click here

Try a scan with a² click here

  Eastender 16:49 27 Sep 2005

If you have a Sagem USB modem then this is probably a false positive. I had the indiction of the "Trojan" and I did more harm to my system trying to remove it than a real trojan would do.

I did research it but didn't retain the info, this is one of the links click here

  Eastender 17:10 27 Sep 2005

Obviously that should have been, I had the 'indication' of the "Trojan".

I've just downloaded and installed IESpell click here

  dawnal 10:55 28 Sep 2005

Thanks everyone for your responses. I appear to have gotten rid of it (if I ever had the thing in the first place, I'm not sure now as I do have a Sagem modem) I found a program called Counter Spy (free evaluation copy, click here ) which seems to have done the job.

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