Yo Ho 10:14 22 Oct 2004

I was running Adware, and got a grey window onscreen, saying:
Trojanhorse Downloader. Keenval.P
is found in file
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{2EE82DEE-DD91-4E14-B3F8-74001D8E74FE}\RP36\A0077884.exe

Run AVG anti virus.

I have run AVG, and nothing is showing. I have also been to Symantec site, did a scan, and still nothing showing. I've been getting this message randomly for some time now. Also, if it helps. My puter just shuts down randomly, and reboots. Doesn't do a disk scan when rebooting. There is nothing to point to why it does this, as it can happen, even whils't the puter is idle.
I am running WinXP Pro, with IP6, through a Netgear router modem, although that is a recent addition, and my problem was brfore I installed that.
Any idea as to what course of action I should take.

  Yo Ho 10:16 22 Oct 2004

Sorry. That should read: IE6, not IP6.

  MAJ 10:19 22 Oct 2004

The trojan is backed up in one of your Restore Points. Deactivate System Restore, that will delete all Restore Points and the trojan along with it. Re-scan and if given the all-clear, reactivate System Restore to create a new, clean Restore Point.

  Yo Ho 10:24 22 Oct 2004

That was quick, MAJ. Think I know how to do that, as I'm a bit dim in puter stuff. lol Will do it now, and report back.
Thanks m8.

  Yo Ho 10:34 22 Oct 2004

Well that was good. lol As I went to close system restore, my puter shut down. Anyway, got it done on reboot, so fingers crossed, and we'll see what happens.
On the crashing end of things, I might even have a hardware conflict. Anytime a report is sent to Microsoft, it tells me there is a driver error. Got a few things in there, like Aver TV card, USB hub, etc, I can disconnect and remove, and see if that helps.
I won't close this thread just yet.
Thanks for your help.

  MAJ 10:42 22 Oct 2004

Yes, Yo Ho, I don't think the crashing is related to the Trojan, rather it's a hardware or driver problem. If you right-click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, choose Properties, click the Advanced tab followed by the Settings button in the "Startup and Recovery" section and untick the "Automatically Restart" box in the "System Failure" section, click OK, Apply and OK to exit, the next time Windows detects the error, it will give an error message instead of shutting down the computer. Post that error message and someone might be able to pinpoint the device or driver that is causing the problem.

  Yo Ho 12:08 22 Oct 2004

Nice one m8. Will do that. Thankyou so much.
Will report back on this.

  Yo Ho 13:53 27 Oct 2004

Everything seems to be ok now.
Thankyou very much.

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