Is this a TROJAN??

  Baslla321 16:24 18 Aug 2003

On start up I have been getting a blue screen with the following: Quote 'Terminating thread due to stack overflow. VXD has consumed too much space. Increase setting of min sps in system or remove recently installed VXD's. There are currently 5 SP's allocated. Pres any key to continue. unquote. What is all this? I have not installed any files lately. I ran AD AWARE which deleted three advert cookies and NORTONS latest anti virus found all correct. Is this some kind of trojan?? I have win98 350MHZ, RAM 256 and 3.15gbts free on HD.

  JoeC 16:36 18 Aug 2003
  alcudia 17:03 18 Aug 2003

No it is not a virus. You have used up all your spare stack pages which is what sps stands for.
It is a long time since I have seen this, but the cure was to open system.ini and add a line to the 386enh section. This is case sensitive.
MinSps= and add a number, usually in blocks of four. I would increase yours to eight. Should cure it. I am a bit surprised to see that you have five as I thought the the Windows default was three.

  alcudia 17:05 18 Aug 2003

Sorry, if I'd followed JoeC's link I wouldn't have needed to tell you all that.

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