Trogen horse attacks

  yorkie2 19:39 25 Sep 2003

Is there a 'normal' amount of intruder attacks i should expect. I have norton internet security 2003 and most days it warns me or others sharing this computer of an attempt which was blocked.
I'm on ntl broadband.

  holly polly 19:58 25 Sep 2003

hi take comfort in the fact that norton is doing its job ,i seldom run my firewall /anti virus with alerts on, as the pop ups confirmation can be reassuring but at the same time annoying ,you can safely turn the alerts off ,if you want to know if norton is doing its job then ,just consult the log file ,ultimately its up to you ,i use to run zone alarm firewall and the flags popping up all the time until i found out to turn alerts off was megg a annoying ,as ur on broadband you can expect these frequent attempts of intrusion ,you obviously are a sensible chappie as you have protection on board ,my advice is providing you update your anti virus security suite regulary you are as safe as you can be -regards -hol pol...

  bremner 20:03 25 Sep 2003

Also be rest assured that virtually all, if not all, of your alerts will relate to the normal handshake between computers on the web, and nothing more sinister than that.

  Gaz 25 21:17 25 Sep 2003

Good that you have a firewall.

I have a Corporate VPN firewall that detects over a 1000 intrusions in one day.

Most at the moment are the DCOM 35 emap port, blaster worm or Operaserv trying to get in.

But it blocks them, I just check the logs now and again.

It is doing its job, thats all.

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