trogan horse droper delf 2.1 virus

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:15 26 Nov 2004

I have the above names virus as well as a couple more in c\temp\installer2.exe. I also have installed on my pc norton anti virus but this is not working at all i have downloaded AGV as well as asquared2 and nothing seems to be able to shift the viruses i am going to go out and buy new virus software next week but in the mean time i would like to hopefully find a way of getting this virus off my computer is there any free valuation software out there i can download and try that would get rid of this?

  Technotiger 12:22 26 Nov 2004

Hi, have you disabled System Restore before doing virus checks? This is where the nasties sometimes try to hide.......Good luck.

  rawprawn 12:25 26 Nov 2004

Download this free 30 day trial of Spy Sweeper and run it from click here. Turn system restore off before scanning, ( don't forget to turn it back on again after clearing you trojan)

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:29 26 Nov 2004

can you tell me how to turn of system restore please.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:40 26 Nov 2004

I just wanted to let you know i am running windows 98 se and no xp do i still have to turn off system restore

  Technotiger 12:40 26 Nov 2004

Hi again, to turn off System Restore .......Start>Programs>Accessories>SystemTools>System Restore then click on System Restore Settings and tick Box in General. Re-do to put back on.

  Technotiger 12:42 26 Nov 2004

Yes ........

  rawprawn 12:43 26 Nov 2004

Sorry I don't know about System Control in Windows 98, I am not sure that there is one. Download the program I suggested and run it anyway.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:50 26 Nov 2004

You are right there is no system restore im going to go run it now.

  Technotiger 12:56 26 Nov 2004

Sorry, I entered my post b4 seeing win98 ...oops

  PARIS/FALLS/04 13:20 26 Nov 2004

Hi i have done the spy sweeper and 2 files failed to quarintine they are


andalso half way through the scan another trojan horse came up

Trojan horse downloader Apropo.o

It told me to manually remove the files from windows explorer i just wanted to make sure it was safe to remove the files and that nothing else will go wronge as a result of me removing the files.

Thanks for all the help given to me so far.

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