Trivial non PC based enquiry

  chrissy7 18:58 27 May 2005

Any of you clever guys no anything about Mobile fone tracking . Is it myth or fact ? Can Mobiles really be traced and tracked ? Is it the fone or the sim card which makes it possible and is it any mobile or only the later ones which incorperate GPS technology. OR IS IT ALL JUST A MYTH. Appreciate this question is not the sort of thing we are all at her, but it is sort of computer related. Just curious really.

  Joe R 19:02 27 May 2005

click here
click here
click here

Yes it can be done, legally at times, but I would think any hacker worth their salt, could also do it illegally.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 27 May 2005

Any phone anywhere

Phone connects to nearest mast and updates location on regular basis.

All our drivers are issued with company phones, (the phone owner(company) givespermission to track)thier location can be tracked when ever the phone is switched on.

  chrissy7 19:11 27 May 2005

Cheers Joe R, no myth then, thanks for the interesting links, seems BIG BRO really could be watching ! Keep the info coming guys, this could all get quite interaesting.

  chrissy7 19:13 27 May 2005

Thanks also FruitBat, Gonna turn mine off I think. What happened to privacy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:18 27 May 2005

The professional systems that cost an arm and a leg can pinpoint a phone to within 8 metres, assuming a good signal can be received. However unless you are doing something dodgy it will be of no concern. Triple meh! here.


  Indigo 1 19:26 27 May 2005

Turning off the phone makes no difference , it can still be tracked.

  Graham ® 19:32 27 May 2005

No, it can't. Turned off = no transmission to track.

  chrissy7 19:38 27 May 2005

Great Stuff guys keep it coming. I have to confess that I have always ben a bit of a conpiracy theorist, seems some things are just theory after all. I have often wondered why GCHQ tripled in size AFTER the cold war, just thought I would throw another 'log on the fire' !

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