Tried uninstalling WinXP SP2 to cure problems???

  the old man 11:46 10 Apr 2005

I have posted a few queiries over the last six months or so concerning system freezing up and a few other problems. There have been a lot of 'very appreciated' replies which have been tried but have not helped. On Friday I bought my self a new scanner, and after installing it was having problems. I thought it could have been the usb hub I use which may be the problem and went to buy a new one from the little computer shop in town. After a little chat about my various problems the shop owner said "get rid of SP2 and your problems will dissappear". "But", I said, "the upgrade came from a bona fide disc direct from MS, not from a magazine cover disc" So on that evening I got rid of SP2 and lo and behold the problems have totally dissappeared. I am not saying that everyone who is having problems get rid of SP2 but do consider it. I was never under the impression that this was the route of my problems as the enhancements with SP2 were good.

  johnnyrocker 11:49 10 Apr 2005

precisely why i have stayed away from it, have you taken on board all the other updates though?


  the old man 11:59 10 Apr 2005

absolutely. Now keep getting message at startup that security upgrades are ready to download and there is SP2 waiting like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Easy to click ignore.

I must admit SP2 installed over the top is (or can be) a problem. Depends really on what is installed.

However SP2 Slipstreamed with the original XP disk and a clean install is very stable. Video editing, printing, audio, games no problems to speak of.

  the old man 13:27 10 Apr 2005

what do you mean 'slipstreamed'??

Slipstreaming is a method of combining your XP CD with SP2. It merges the files so to speak. At the end of the process you write a CD which is Xp already at SP2 status. Totally legal. I have done it myself. So you can format your drive (If you wanted to - only you can determine wheter its worth the time) but at sometime you will need to, you would format and install using the XP cd you have ccreated and your install would be at SP2 level

See this link.

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