Tried reinstalling USB ports, now nothing works

  Pineman100 10:14 08 Mar 2009

Windows XP SP3.

Because I was having trouble getting my MP3 player recognised by Windows, I checked online for a solution. I found advice to go into Device Manager and uninstall all devices under the heading "Universal Serial Bus Controllers", then restart and let Windows reinstall them.

I clicked on the first device and uninstalled. Then I did the second one - and my wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working (stupid - I should have foreseen this, I know!!).

I tried plugging a wired mouse into a different USB port - it didn't work. And because my USB wireless keyboard wouldn't work, I couldn't use my Windows key to enable me to restart legally. So I had to crash out with the power button.

Having restarted, I find that all my USB ports are useless, which means I can't use my keyboard or mouse. I'm posting this from my wife's laptop.

Can anyone help, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:21 08 Mar 2009

Windows should find and install new hardware when you rebooted.

try rebooting again.

if it still won't find then maybe you will need a PS2 keyboard plugging in before you boot (do not plug / unplug PS2 with PC switched on).

  Pineman100 11:58 08 Mar 2009

I followed your advice. This time I restarted the computer with my wife's wired USB mouse already plugged in, and once it hadbooted up, the mouse worked. Phew!

However, I'm not out of the woods yet. My Logitech cordless keyboard/mouse don't work, and Device Manager shows the receiver with a yellow exclamation mark. I've tried reinstalling it, but I need the driver files and... guess what? I've lost the CD! (I'm not covering myself with glory today, am I?).

I've looked on the Logitech website for the drivers, but they're not listed. I suspect this is because the keyboard/mouse set is pretty old - at least 5/6 years (perhaps more). Any idea where I would find downloadable drivers for a Logitech Internet Pro Y-RK56A kit? I've googled it without success.

  Pineman100 12:08 08 Mar 2009

I've found a site called, which offers a download called Driver Detective. They claim that this will accurately identify which Logitech drivers I need and install them.

I haven't tried to download it yet - I wanted advice first - so I don't know whether it's freeware or not.

Does anyone have any experience of this site and software? Can I trust it?

If not, do you have any other recommendations, please?

  ened 12:16 08 Mar 2009

The keyboard should work without the drivers.

The drivers give you extra functionality.

I have found Logitech stuff to be especially problematic in this regard.

Try persevering - remove the receiver and check it has disappeared from Device Manager. Then reboot and plug it in again only give it a couple of minutes to install.

Then try it. If it still doesn't work leave it plugged in and reboot. I did this once with a Logitech mouse and it has worked ever since.

You should be able to use the latest Set Point drivers with your 'ancient' keyboard!

  cocteau48 12:24 08 Mar 2009

Driver Detective is not freeware.
It will download and run a scan and even tell you what's missing/out of date but will not let you progress unless you buy it.
However DriverMax is freeware and safe to use and may help you here

  Stuartli 12:39 08 Mar 2009

The Microsoft mouse and keyboard drivers should, as suggested, allow use of the devices; Windows should Find New Hardware after a reboot.

  Pineman100 13:54 08 Mar 2009

Here's what I've done:

I unplugged the wireless receiver, and restarted the computer. Checked Device Manager - it was gone.

I plugged in the receiver and got the USB plug-in 'bing-bong'. The New Hardware Wizard started up.

First I tried allowing Windows to install the device automatically. Failure - the report said 'Cannot install this hardware because the Wizard cannot find the necessary software'.

So I tried a manual install. I chose Logitech from the list of Manufacturers, and was then given the choice of two devices:

* Logitech USB cordless keyboard
* Logitech USB cordless mouse & iTouch keys

I don't know what iTouch keys are, so I chose the first one and clicked Next. I received a warning that installing the drivers was not recommended because Windows cannot verify that the software is compatible with the hardware. System might become unstable.

What should I do? Do you think (a) I made the right choice from the list of two devices, and (b) that it's safe to allow the software to be installed?

  Poitier 14:10 08 Mar 2009

I touch allows some keys to be used as shortcuts.After a reinstall I decided not to install the drivers and the keyboard works OK if that is of any help.

  ened 14:17 08 Mar 2009

The warning you are getting is a standard warning.

It might be an idea to back up your system or create a restore point but personally I would ignore the warning and continue.

There should be generic drivers which will allow you to use the keyboard.

Another point you may not realise is that you can keep your ps2 board plugged in whilst setting this up, so if you have to use a password at least you have something you can type on.

  Pineman100 16:25 08 Mar 2009

Poitier - unfortunately it seems my keyboard won't work without the drivers.

ened - thanks for the reassurance! I'll do as you suggest... create a restore point and then proceed past the warning message.

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