Trickler_410.exe - what is it

  Never again 21:08 13 Jun 2003

Zone Alarm tells me that this program tries to access the internet every time that I start my pc.

Can anyone tell me what it is please.

I also have a tricklerid-1_trick... as well.

They both seem to be in my windows\temp file

  hugh-265156 21:11 13 Jun 2003

its spyware,posibly to do with gator.

run this click here and click here to remove it.

  Gaz 25 21:12 13 Jun 2003
  Gaz 25 21:13 13 Jun 2003

click here

AND i say do the above from huggy71 too.

  Never again 21:14 13 Jun 2003

Do you think that it might have been installed when my kids downloaded kazaa, as I'm not aware of any gator stuff on my pc

  mikef. 21:16 13 Jun 2003

You've got it in one kazaa is loaded with spyware, viruses and trojans.

  mikef. 21:17 13 Jun 2003

To be honest it's only loaded with spyware, the other two are only common when downloading from it.

  Never again 21:26 13 Jun 2003


I'm running spybot now and its finding gator stuff,BDE stuff, dialler - both registry keys and folders and files

Will spybot get rid of them for me as well?

  Never again 21:38 13 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone - that's really useful.

  mikef. 22:05 13 Jun 2003

Never again, also install SpywareBlaster as this will stop the vast majority of these installing in the first place click here

  Gaz 25 23:05 13 Jun 2003

I would urge all users not to download Kazza as the result of these mystery files that do alsorts.

Dump it in your bin.

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