Trendsonic fans

  charles60 12:53 06 Mar 2010

Hi hope somone can help here i want to put some more fans in my pc the two side ones are ok its the back one i cant sort out its got this black thingy over the mesh but i cant find anmy scew holes for the fan all thats there 4 holes on the black thingy and thats it what sort of fan do i use. the case i have is a Trendsonic Opera.
Would show photo but dont know how to send atchment

  DieSse 13:03 06 Mar 2010

"Would show photo but dont know how to send atchment"

I think a photo would be useful. You can't send one directly - but you can post it on Photobucket or a similar site, and post a link to it.

  DieSse 13:12 06 Mar 2010

I read in a forum that there's space for 2 x 80mm fans at the rear.

I would assume theses are standard 80mm case fans. They normally come with 4 x self tapping mounting screws, which go into the holes at the corners of the fan.

Make sure you get slow speed quiet fans for keeping the noise down.

Examples here click here

This one looks good click here

  charles60 13:24 06 Mar 2010

sorry again i am new to this pc lark i have got the photos in my pictures the only way i know how to pass photos at the mo is copy & paste

  charles60 13:26 06 Mar 2010

can you tell which forum you saw this on please thank you

  DieSse 16:51 06 Mar 2010

This site with some pics says rear fans are 60mm - that's unusual. click here

Here's some more pics click here#

All I can say is, there should be 4 mounting holes at the inside part of the plastic mounting thingy - how far apart the holes are should tell you what size fan fits.

A forum about them click here

Read this description - says 80mm fans click here

Hope all that helps - can't find the original forum again - the above aren't clear as to whether they're 60 or 80 mm fans!!!!

  charles60 18:58 06 Mar 2010

thanks for that mate have just looked at the mesurements there are 4 holes and 4 pegs if i mesure the hols diagonal its 100mm if i mesure across its 80mm.From hole to the peg right top On the 4 pegs distance is 80mm across What is werid that the four holes are placed. One is at top left top right is a peg bottom left peg bottom right is hole. Please canyou help what size do i get and what are those pegs for? thanks for all the help you have given me so far

  DieSse 19:39 06 Mar 2010

I suspect you push the fan onto the pegs, and put two mounting screws through the holes.

However, for an 80mm fan, the mounting holes are 71.5mm apart (NOT diagonally).

  DieSse 19:40 06 Mar 2010

A thought - you could take the mounting bracket into a computer shop and get them to check it against a standard fan for you.

  charles60 23:03 06 Mar 2010

is that from hole to peg the only place near to me is pc world!!!!!!

  DieSse 23:17 06 Mar 2010

I'm guessing a bit - but yes, I would say 71.5 from hole to peg.

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