Trend Micro & MS Antispware

  maz2 22:11 22 Apr 2005

Been running Trend Micro Internet Security for a good few years but I recently installed MS Antispyware and have noticed that when the updates for Trend download they don't always install properly the first time, it sometimes takes 3 goes or else they go in straight away. Been onto Trend they advised there was a conflict with Ad-aware(that I also had) so I uninstalled that, now they say that it is probably the MS Antispyware that is causing the problem (although I'm not convinced) and that I should either uninstall the Trend (which I don't want to do because I paid good money for it) or uninstall the MS product (which I don't really want to do either because I think it's very good) can anyone think of a way around this, or if they do think it's the 2 programmes conflicting. Any thoughts greatly appreciated, I can cope with it because they eventually go in, it's just a pain Running XP by the way on Sp1

  VoG II 22:16 22 Apr 2005

The words "leg" and "pull" come to mind.

If Trend can't get their act together, take it off and install AVG click here and Zone Alarm click here

  maz2 22:24 22 Apr 2005

I won't install the free ones till the end of the year because I'm a miser ( well not really) and I hate paying for things and having to dump them, this is the first problem I've had with Trend, it's kept me well protected for years but I'm not convinced with their explanation about MS Antispyware. I'll just have to persevere, I just thought maybe I could configure something or other to make them work together

  Fletten 18:15 13 Jan 2006

I had trouble with Trend Micro updates causing the Trend Micro Firewall to stop working, since installing MS Antispyware, so I unstalled it, and taking further advice I disabled XP Firewall because two Firewalls can conflict. I have now installed SpyBot Antispyware. All has been running fine since.
PS. When you reinstall Trend make sure that all running programs are disabled.

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