Trend Micro Antispyware pop up

  kickerconspiracy 08:59 19 Mar 2008

No matter what I do I keep getting a pop up that directs me to

click here

I've ran Adaware, Spybot Search&Destroy, Crapcleaner and Avast Anti Virus, but I'm still getting this pop up.

Please help!

  johnnyrocker 09:18 19 Mar 2008

look for any files of trend and delete? has this always been there or occurred after doing something? try sytem restore to before if so.


  kickerconspiracy 09:46 19 Mar 2008

No, the search option doesn't yield any results when looking for "trend", and this problem only started yesterday.

System Restore is turned off.

  johnnyrocker 09:54 19 Mar 2008

any special reason?


  Acx 10:07 19 Mar 2008

Have you had any Trend Products installed in the past - Trend are a reputable company and the site looks genuine (no guarantee I know).

Look in add/remove programs
Have you used
click here

If not got through this, it may give you some pointers click here

Do you have folder C:\Program Files\Trend Micro?

  kickerconspiracy 10:21 19 Mar 2008

I've never had anything by Trend installed, and hadn't heard of them until this problem arose.

I've never used
click here

click here
Sends me to a page saying "There was an error processing your request."

And I don't have C:\Program Files\Trend Micro

  johnnyrocker 10:28 19 Mar 2008

try booting into safe mode (keep tapping F8 during boot up ) ans try last known good config?


  hiwatt 10:44 19 Mar 2008

Have you got or had hijack this installed?When doing your search choose advanced option and try trend micro see if it shows up anything.

  Acx 10:50 19 Mar 2008

HijackThis and CwSheader are both Trend Products.

  kickerconspiracy 11:29 19 Mar 2008

I have had hijack this, but ironically I installed it to try and get rid of this pop up.

  Mac70 11:31 19 Mar 2008

Not sure if this is the cause click here;_ylt=AshCV_pMp_LSql67srt3s1YjtBAF

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