Tree size or other software?

  1936 00:29 07 Feb 2008

I have just looked at a piece of software called, "Tree Size" and woner if anyone has a view on it such as alternatives.

  brundle 00:36 07 Feb 2008

Treesize is very handy, also handy is SpaceMonger (free version works on everything from '98 to Vista, don't bother with the paid for ones) click here

There are others like click here but I find the simpler tools are better.

  1936 10:08 07 Feb 2008

I tried Treemonger but could not get into the free version only finding the following message.
The page below is not current, as it refers to a very old piece of software. It is included here for historical reasons. If you wish to obtain the latest version of SpaceMonger --- which we highly recommend --- you should go here instead.

  brundle 10:43 07 Feb 2008

They've moved the download...on the Downloads page, click the Free Software tab, v1.40 is the penultimate link near the bottom of the page.

  keef66 11:15 07 Feb 2008

Tree Size is what the I.T. bods here at work use to determine what's hogging the HDD.

I remember using a freebie or trial version of something (Folder size??) to work out where the 80gb HDD had gone at home.

Turned out to be the kids' i-Tunes collections, and no, I couldn't delete it.

Just cloned the 80gb onto a new 250gb hdd, and off we go again. Hopefully they'll have left home before they fill that one up!

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