A treat for those with Win98 and a WinME disc

  woodchip 14:21 18 Oct 2003

click here Hope this is of interest to some one

  Legolas 14:31 18 Oct 2003

Very interesting woodchip I have both OS,s although I am not using them at the moment but as I am building yet another system I will give it a whirl on that.....oh how I love to tinker ;-)

  woodchip 14:33 18 Oct 2003

Let me know how you get on by E-Mail Please

  woodchip 14:39 18 Oct 2003

Before making changes a suggestion is ! make a Image of C:\ with Drive Image onto cdrw disc so you can restore in 5 mins if it does not work

  Legolas 14:40 18 Oct 2003

Good idea

  graham√ 14:44 18 Oct 2003

After reading that, I'm having one of my heads.

  woodchip 15:30 18 Oct 2003


  woodchip 15:31 18 Oct 2003

Start Page click here#!

  wee eddie 22:23 18 Oct 2003

Maybe "flecc" has an alter ego!

  woodchip 22:51 18 Oct 2003

Glad you like it

  ton 23:04 18 Oct 2003


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