Treadmill Help.?

  last starfighter 12:11 03 Mar 2009

Can anyone suggest anything too me please, we was given a treadmill 6 months ago that cost the person who gave us it near on a a grand (Apparently) & they said it had gone wrong somewhere.?
What it is doing is when i switch the plug on it runs at full speed & we cant reduce it to a normal walking or running speed so its on max all the time which is useless, also the Panel doesnt seem too work none of the buttons repond.?
Ive emailed the company click here
LAST YEAR & they didnt get back too me, there is also what looks like a english contact & i have done the same & again nothing..? thats REALLY bad customer service!
can anyone suggest anything cause the treadmill is in "Showroom" condition its like new..

  Bob The Blob 12:14 03 Mar 2009

Why is this question in the PC advisor forum?

  canarieslover 12:16 03 Mar 2009

Put make and model number into Google and search. There may be other users with the same problem who have found answers.

  last starfighter 12:21 03 Mar 2009

Bob The Blob thats a silly question isnt it..?
this is a help room isnt it..? its not just based around PC's..?
Look around you will see other post's totaly unrelated to pc's, & had i of put this in Speakers Corner no doubt FE would of moved it in here..

  last starfighter 12:22 03 Mar 2009

canarieslover Thankx

  PO79 12:23 03 Mar 2009

"Why is this question in the PC advisor forum?"

Well it will have a small computerized panel on the treadmill so I suppose that would qualify. We answer questions on mobile phones, why not treadmills.

I would think that there would be some way to reset the computer panel which may\maynot help, maybe just disconnecting the panel for a while. I have looked at the linked to site and the "Contact Us" link goes to a site in China so I don't think any help would be forthcoming. What about trying to contact the supplier the person who gave it to you bought it from, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

  last starfighter 12:31 03 Mar 2009

Thankx, they dont have any details of the company they bought it from..?
Its in such a mint condition i really dont want to throw it, i wonder if i paid for a electrician to have a look..? what do you think..?

As for the panel its also in mint condiion..?

  PO79 12:34 03 Mar 2009

It may help to contact an electreician as you suggest, as canarieslover suggests post the make and model number here, it may help in tracking down a manual or a UK supplier.

  last starfighter 10:47 04 Mar 2009

OK guys i think ive found the answer, this would come in VERY usefull to anyone that finds this webpage that has the same issue,

here's a link for a company that specialise in the uk to fix treadmills, they wasnt easy too find but we got there..lool


click here


We are happy to offer advice on all matters of treadmill repairs so please call us
Our offices are open between 8.30pm - 6.30pm Monday to sat
Sales & Customer services 0845 226 1233
Fax 0845 226 0068

Sales & General Enquiries about Treadmill Repairs EMAIL THEM AT [email protected]

  audeal 14:15 04 Mar 2009

From what has been said here, it seems that anything with a computer installed would qualify for inclusion on this forum. Now about my car. Can anybody tell me why........

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