Travelling with a laptop .can I get connected ?

  gel 20:25 05 Oct 2007

I have a laptop and at present I am not connected for wireless (I have broadband)
I use my laptop to down load photos when traveling around.
If I had wireless could I use 'hot spots' to get a web connection for emails ect or am I talking nonsense
Comments would be appreciated
PS I also have a desk top and anticipate wireless connection for this too
The lap top has wireless gadgetry installed I think

  woodchip 20:41 05 Oct 2007

Yes about £6 per hour

  FreeCell 20:49 05 Oct 2007

Look at click here

Gives an idea of costs (flat rate monthly or daily charge) and the types of locations you would be able to get wireless acccess.

This is one of many and places like Starbucks etc often provide wireless hot spots as do many airports and hotels.

  gel 21:02 05 Oct 2007

Thanks a lot It has answered my question adequately

  ian-inhome 21:14 05 Oct 2007

On a recent trip to Spain I used my laptop to wirelessly surf the net and receive emails free of charge in 4 different hotels in France. I stayed at a campsite in Spain where the connection charge for wireless was 12 euro, this covered the total time you stayed there whether that was 1 day or 6 months. The only problem I had was that as I normally use outlook for E mail. I have email accounts from various companies ie beeb / supanet /talktalk I found that on outlook I could only receive mail, to send mail I had to log into my various accounts and send emails via them. But other than that everything worked well.

  Technotiger 21:47 05 Oct 2007

You can Google for Free Hotspot locations, there are hundreds. Just add any town/city name and you will see all the locations. Many are free, many are not free.

  gel 07:52 06 Oct 2007

The last 2 comments have given me another aspect on the question thank you very much
I will try the Google search and since I use google mail I would not have problems getting emails
I am a caravaner and I am aware the the caravan club is setting up wireless connections on some of there sites

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