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  spuds 12:55 06 Jun 2006

Apologies for not being a computer repair question, but a website link query.

I am trying to find a reliable website that gives details on bus and train travel around the UK. The sought of thing that keying from point 'A' to point 'B' with perhaps point 'C' as a diversion or alternative will supply enough information for making travel arrangements.

The government sponsored a website, that worked in conjunction with bus and train companies, as a travel guide. I have since lost this link, and a further search hasn't found this link or given me the information needed.

I am registered with National Express, but this doesn't cover all my requirements.

Do you know of a good website, they may reveal all, and perhaps solve a problem?.

Appreciations, as always.

  lindyloo4 13:03 06 Jun 2006

I think you mean Transport Direct as the site you have lost, I've tried to make a link but it doesn't appear to work.

  spuds 14:10 06 Jun 2006

terryf + stlucia-- Thanks for the Traveline link. Just had a play around, and came up with some interesting route and service information.

lindyloo4-- Transport Direct was the site that I was using previously, but had since lost the link. It can now be found via click here or better still click here After about two years running, the locations and routes still seem to require slight adjustments, even after customer feedback. Just tried one of the old routes, and the site is still coming up with errors, even though I sent customer feedback about twelve months ago. Still it get's you from A to B eventually!.

Thanks again everyone, will leave the thread to run a little longer, before ticking.

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