Transporting safe is it?

  Phil930 21:49 24 Aug 2003

I will be moving to america this week and want to take my pc across, i just have a couple of questions about it....

i plan to take the components out of the case and transport them in my hand luggage in a box to protectect them, not removing the processor or ram from the mobo. i will remove pci cards and graphics card. are the components safe when they go through the X-RAY scanning or will it damage them?

Once there i will buy the new case and psu i need, followed by speakers and monitor. as i have a good pc though i want to take the core components with me. i also figure its safer in hand luggage with me than in my case being thrown around.

so whats the best way??

  Ironman556 22:16 24 Aug 2003

Not sure about the X-rays, but make sure when you remove the components that they go into anti-static bags.

  Phil930 22:17 24 Aug 2003

where can i buy anti static bags from?

  Ironman556 22:23 24 Aug 2003

I don't know where you can buy them, but if you drop into a PC shop they'll probably have loads from when they build PC's.

  john-232317 22:28 24 Aug 2003

You better tell the customs what you have before they scan it, cos if you upset them you will get the rubber glove treatment...;-o uch.

  Phil930 22:34 24 Aug 2003

will the x-ray machine do any damage?

  Gedrog 22:35 24 Aug 2003

X-ray will be ok.
Anti static bags click here.
Can try above company if no luck with local PC store. Most probably best if you have the original packaging materials if u build PC yourself. Good idea to buy new monitor over there as the Screens are often set up for specific region although a good screen should not have that problem. I brought one over from SA and it was a cheapy and once got here it was all green at the top. Got rid of it.

  spuds 22:39 24 Aug 2003

Make sure that the components are accessable for airline security and customs inspection.Would also advice that you have some form of purchase documentation, should any queries arise. Also be a little cautious Stateside, they can get a little concerned about computer and electronic parts in transit.As a suggestion, contact DHL who may give you further advice on transportation bags. I recently sent an item overseas via DHL. They collected it, packed it at my premises in their special package carton,and completed all the necessary paperwork.Great service.

  Phil930 22:40 24 Aug 2003

what will be the effect if i don't have anti static bags and just transport parts in a box?

  Megatyte 03:03 25 Aug 2003

Scanning will not affect the components in any way. Many thousands of laptops are scanned daily without detriment.


  Brian-336451 04:08 25 Aug 2003

I fly for an airline and when I go to the USA (in particular) I always take my laptop and it goes through the full gamut of security scanners.

It is absolutely fine and apart from ensuring it doesn't get bashed about physically you don't need to take any special precautions.

Similarly your magnetic media and cds are ok as well.

Good luck

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