Transport Tycoon - playing game with XP

  MartynHoll 22:30 10 Dec 2005

I found this old dos game while looking through my floppy disks. I loaded the s/w onto my PC and start the game in a dos window. After it has loaded and I try to play the game I get the following error message and it stops working -"abnormal program termination memory protection fault CS;EIP=000Fh:000D6928h"

Any ideas - I would like to have another go at playing this game but the last time I played it was on a W98 PC!!

  Mark5001 22:41 10 Dec 2005

click here
This is how I got mine working :-)))

  MartynHoll 22:58 10 Dec 2005

Thanks for that but I only have the original TT and the patch does not seem to work on it?

  MartynHoll 22:58 10 Dec 2005

Is there a free download area for TTD?

  MartynHoll 23:57 10 Dec 2005

I have now got TTD working OK. The only problem now is that I cannot make it full screen but I think that I can live with that!

  Mark5001 07:29 11 Dec 2005

Can't remember the exact name but you don't run the game with the original exe, but with the TTDPATCH.EXE or something like that. It should go to full screen then.

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