Ken-266101 17:53 24 Jan 2005

What is the best way to copy transparencies. We tried a 'Trust' scanner but didn't think much of the results, any suggestions?

  Rogerfredo 17:58 24 Jan 2005

I have a Canon 5000F scanner, which scans at 2400x 4800 without interpolation.
This gives a good result (better than scanning a good photo).
However, if you do this regularly, I would buy a film scanner.

  Stuartli 17:59 24 Jan 2005

You really need a proper film scanner - flatbed scanners have only a fraction of the resolution levels delivered by a transparency or modest speed black and white film.

You can buy film scanners for around £100 upwards these days, but will have to spend a lot more to get an all singing, all dancing top resolution model.

Morgan Computers often sell the Minolta models in refurbished form at good prices:

wclick here

  pj123 18:06 24 Jan 2005

I just bought the Epson Perfection 3170 Photo scanner. Very good quality. Takes up to 2-1/4 square negs and slides. The only problem I found with it was, if the negs/slides are over exposed it can't find them. I also have a dedicated film scanner (Primefilm 1800) which I found if the Epson can't scan the Primefilm can.

Check out click here

for the Primefilm scanner and click here

for the Epson Scanner

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