Transmitting to TV / Hi-Fi

  Grumpy Grandad 14:18 01 Apr 2004

How do I transmit my video pictures to any TV in the house?
How can I transmit my MP3 music to the house and garden?

  speedy007 16:03 01 Apr 2004

buy yourself a video sender unit from maplin, but you do have to have a graphics card that supports VIVO. "video in video out".

  medicine hat 16:25 01 Apr 2004

Not sure what you meant by transmitting your MP3s but if you want to connect your PC to your HiFi so that the PC's sound comes out of its speakers you could use this [ click here ] assuming your HiFi has an optical input

  johnnyrocker 17:36 01 Apr 2004

what graphics card do you have and has it got tv out?


  Grumpy Grandad 07:31 02 Apr 2004

Thanks everyone. Medicine Hat - I am really looking for something that will transmit my music to equipment anywhere in the house and garden without any wires. I also would like mto know what equipment is to be used on the receiving end,(or does the transmitter send on a frequency that can be picked up by television and radio). I am poring through every bit of documentation to see if the Graphics Card supports VIVO.

  Grumpy Grandad 07:52 02 Apr 2004

I have looked up the video senders in Maplin's site and this has answered my questions on the equipment needed at the receiving end.

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