Transmitting large files How??

  compumac 21:09 15 Aug 2006

I have just returned from holiday and a relative has asked me to e-mail my photos to him. They consist of 153 photos with a total of 600mb. He is adamant that he sent a similar quantity to a friend in Australia who was on dial up and that they were received OK. I expressed doubt on this and wonder if there is any method to send that amount over the internet without a problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:15 15 Aug 2006

Put them on a CD and for the cost of a first class stamp they will arive the next day,

Otherwise, get ifranview and do a batch conversion to a reasonable size and email some or upload to, for example, click here

  compumac 21:21 15 Aug 2006

Thanks for prompt reply. In fact I gave him a CD today with all the photos on but on returning home he mislaid the CD!!! I did say that I would send him a further copy but he was hoping that I would e-mail them tonight.

  Simsy 22:18 15 Aug 2006

you managed to get all 153 photos down to about 25Kb in size... which would mean the best part of 4Mb...

and even if the dial up speed was consistantly reaching 5kb per sec...

It would still take about 15 mins...

So it is possible.

But far from ideal!!

Good luck,



  woodchip 22:30 15 Aug 2006

There is no way that some one downloaded 600mb on Dial-Up

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