Translatinga short message from English to French

  Smudge120 18:07 09 Apr 2017

I want to translate a short message into French and German. Is there a free programme which will let me do this? Many thanls

  alanrwood 18:26 09 Apr 2017

Try Google translate

  wee eddie 18:27 09 Apr 2017

Google is your friend.

Ask the question, then copy and paste the text into the box provided.

Most of these translations are word for word

  difarn 18:46 09 Apr 2017

It depends what you are going to do with the translations and whether they are anything other than to get the gist of a message. If you use Google, as wee eddie says, then it will be a literal translation word for word and may end up being gibberish.

It may well be that most programmes do the same. The best thing to do is to find someone to do it for you. Do you know any French and German teachers who may be willing to do it provided it is not a regular occurrence?

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