Transferring/Saving Pictures from Hotmail

  littlestan 16:11 02 Nov 2008

Hi, I have emailed myself some photographs over the years which I have taken with my mobile phone, some of which of course I treasure and although they are in a file/folder of their own within my hotmail, I wonder it it is possible save to :

1. My external hard drive - so there is a back up and/or

2. Could i transfer them into Finepix where my photographs are which are downloaded from my camera - making the easier to print.

3. Should I print them and then photograph the print with my camera and then download them onto the pc and then save to the external hard drive.

Your help and advice would be very welcome as always.

Many thanks

  Technotiger 16:16 02 Nov 2008

Yes, you should easily be able to transfer the pics to your hard drive, by connecting phone to PC.

What make and model of phone is it?

  Technotiger 16:17 02 Nov 2008

Or, if they are already on your camera's card, then you could transfer them to PC using a Card Reader.

  littlestan 16:50 02 Nov 2008

thanks technotiger - my phone is a nokia 6101 (i think) now an old model i'm afraid as i've had it a good few years and its really good, but i can't connect it to a pc as far as i know. the pictures are not stored on the phone as the memory is rubbish,thats why i have to email them to myself. It only takes about 10 pics before the memory is full. Funnily the quality of the pics is good. Its the process really of transfer from them now saved in my email folder to my external hard drive and/or finepix? Any ideas?

many thanks

  Technotiger 16:54 02 Nov 2008

OK, open your emails containing the pics, then right-click on each pic in turn and save them to your My Pictures folder.

Once you have them in your My Pictures folder it is an easy process to transfer them wherever you want.

  littlestan 18:40 02 Nov 2008

You are simply a genius! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. I am SO grateful to you. It will take me forever, but so be it to protect these little precious images. Again, many thanks to you, you have made a lady very happy x

  Technotiger 18:57 02 Nov 2008

Grreat, glad you are so happy - many thanks for your feedback.

  Technotiger 19:01 02 Nov 2008

PS - don't forget to Green-tick this thread Resolved ... Cheers.

  tullie 19:09 02 Nov 2008

If theres more than one,click on first one,hold down shift then click on last one,right click on anyone after removing finger from shift and transfer.

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