Transferring very large files from old Compaq PC

  Budgie52 15:21 23 Sep 2007

i am trying to transfer a Quicken source data file .qsd of size 180Mb from my old Compaq Presario 8770 PC - windows 95 Ops system with Omega Zip back-up limited to 100Mb - to my new Dell PC with Windows XP. I have successfully reloaded Quicken 2000 on the new Dell and transferred the data file .qdf of size 4Mb via the Compaq's 56k Modem but very slowly!! However I need to transfer the .qsd file which contains 10 years worth of historic share price info. Any ideas??

  Technotiger 15:27 23 Sep 2007

If you could remove the hard drive from the old computer, fit it into a USB External Drive Enclosure, you could then connect it to new PC making transfer straight-forward from one to the other.

  jack 15:29 23 Sep 2007

Take the old drive out complete with data cable and set up into the new machine with a spare IDE slot[temporarily disconnect the CD drive and use that is one way.
If that cause you some concern you can purchase for a small sum an IDE/USB cable and power supply.
Totally remove the drive from old machine and use the IDE/USB cable and power supply to use it an external drive
Buy a Caddy and use the whole thing as a Quicken system drive.

  Diemmess 15:50 23 Sep 2007

10 years worth on one hard drive in a computer which is itself about the same age?

It really is time to follow the advice to mount the old HD in a powered USB enclosure.

Once you have transferred the precious data, you can replace the old HD and buy a huge capacity new HD.
Put that into the enclosure and have a very useful place to keep backups and anything else for your new computer

  Technotiger 15:55 23 Sep 2007

Usb External Enclosure ... click here

  jack 18:10 23 Sep 2007

click here
To do name but a few.
Sell Caddies or enclosures.

  Nero6 12:39 09 Jun 2008

How do I transfer selected files from my old computer to my new one?

  Technotiger 14:36 09 Jun 2008

Note the date of the previous post to yours - this is a very old thread, no longer used by its owner. Best to start your own thread, you will then get answers relevant to your own pc.

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