transferring text from old to new website

  johnnyack 21:39 01 May 2013

I have an old website in which the HTML code is no longer up to standards and no website manageing software can access it. I would like to build a new website using the content (text and images) in the old one, so I can manage & update the site. There is a lot of text and I do not want to have to reenter it manually. I have been told that I cannot copy text from the old site to a new one by one software product. Is this true of all website building software?

  Batch 15:38 02 May 2013

I would have thought that most current web site building software would enable you to manage an old site reasonably well (and so access text and images). I don't think the the basics will have changed in any material way.

If it is still a problem, you can easily copy and paste from the old website (as viewed in your browser) into the new web site software. Just highlight the text on the screen (in the browser), hit CTL+C and then switch to the web site software and locate where you want the text and hit CTL+V. You may have to do some formatting to get it to look the way you want. It may even work a bit better if you paste (CTL+V) into Notepad and then re-selectin Notepad and onwardly copy and paste from there.

  Forum Editor 18:07 02 May 2013

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  johnnyack 19:33 03 May 2013

I have tried several such tools but they fail to open a single page, even though the site works. They do not give a message - just fail. It was originally written in Front Page by my daughter about ten years ago. That, I believe, is the problem. If I try the latest FP now I wonder if it will'honor' the fact and maybe I can try what you suggest. Thee is nothing fancy - just text, images and one voice audio.

  Batch 09:13 04 May 2013

Where is the (copy of) the website that you are trying to access to extract the text? Is it on your local computer(s) or on a hosting service somewhere?

  fourm member 14:29 04 May 2013

I'm not sure you're following what Batch is suggesting. If you go to the site in any browser, you can copy the text and paste it into any text editor. Equally, you can go to any of the images and right click on them to use the 'Save image as...' option.

Do that and you'll have the raw content with which to build the new site without having to retype anything.

It is one extra stage over simply importing the site into a new WYSIWYG editor but it won't add much time to the task.

  johnnyack 18:37 04 May 2013

If I use, say, Word Perfect, that I'm familiar with, won't that imbed lots of formatting commands that will cause problems constructing the new site. I know Word Press will not accept text from Word Perfect. Should I just use Notepad? Is there a website design and maintenance program that accepts Word or Word Perfect? I guess the present host, Schoolhouse, has copies of my files. Sorry to be so stupid, but I am a scientist and just want to deal with content, not a lot of computer crap, which for me is frustrating and expensive. Thanks for your help guys.

  Forum Editor 23:15 04 May 2013

The copy and paste process will work in any text editor, as Batch and fourm member suggest. You won't get any formatting commands by simply copying the text from your word processor into your chosen web design software, at least you won't if you haven't configured your word processor to make formatting commands visible.

Once you have the raw text into the web design software you can change the formatting to suit your requirements.

  Batch 09:54 05 May 2013

To be quite honest, I get the impression that you are trying to deal with something that is well beyond your current knowledge / capabilities. Unless you are prepared to invest the time and effort required to understand an awful lot more I suspect that you are going to get very frustrated.

I would suggest two possible courses of action.

A. Find someone that can do the tasks for you.

B. Find someone that can sit with you and see exactly what you are trying to achieve (and all that goes behind / with that) and can then show you what software / tools / techniques you can use to achieve the desired outcome.

Hope that helps.

  fourm member 12:36 05 May 2013

It's a brave man who disagrees with the FE but Expression Web does add formatting from the word processor if you just copy and paste. It is not the word processor formatting but it is Expression Web's way of preserving the format and it leads to some horrible code.

Fortunately, you can choose 'paste' 'plain text' from the 'Edit' menu rather than using control V.

But, you are right, using Notepad avoids any formatting issues.

  Forum Editor 00:29 06 May 2013

"Expression does add formatting from the word processor if you just copy and paste. It is not the word processor formatting but it is Expression Web's way of preserving the format and it leads to some horrible code."

I wasn't aware of that - I don't use Expression Web since Microsoft made a silly fuss about providing me with a Press copy.

Thanks for the heads up,and apologies for any misleading information, johnnyack - Notepad is indeed the best ASCII text editor you can find.

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