Transferring SSD from old pc to new

  Visi22 18:19 11 Apr 2018


I may have missed something, but I had a look for this specific issue, and wasn't able to find it.

I recently bought a new PC from a friend who wanted to keep their SSD, which was fine as I had one in my old PC that I figured I would just transfer it. I detached his and replaced it with mine and windows booted up fine, though when I went to run a game there was a huge amount of lag (the mouse taking at least a second to respond to my movement).

Just wondering if there is anything I need to do, if I need to boot in BIOS and do something more complicated than I am used to.

Unless you can't tell, I am not very proficient with computers, but feel free to ask for clarification on anything relating to this issue.

Thanks in advance!

  wiganken2 18:34 11 Apr 2018

Maybe the drivers need updating? You are using an SSD from your "old pc" and installed it into a newer pc so the drivers need to work with different components now. You can use the free program "Driver Booster 5 Free" from IOBit to do this. See click here

  Visi22 20:31 11 Apr 2018

Hey, thank you so much for the replies - end of a long working day so I apologise for not responding sooner.

I have updated the some stuff through Windows, and it seems to be working okay now :) I am tempted to try that download, but I am always pretty wary of downloading random links (no offence!)

Yeah, the friend that sold me the PC was surprised actually booted straight up - should I do/ have done something differently? I'm really happy with the PC upgrade in general, but want to make sure I have it all set up properly.

Thanks again for the help, and sorry that I won't be able to reply until tomorrow!

  wee eddie 21:58 11 Apr 2018

I also am somewhat suprised that it booted on a PC that it was not registered with on

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