Transferring program

  symphony 20:22 11 Sep 2009

I need to get a simple program from my internet comp (downloaded from net) onto a non-internet computer.

Not having any luck with it.

At the point of installation (with net computer)I've tried to have it transfert the program onto disk (CD and DVD) but it says the drive is unavailable (I have a combined CD/DVD recorder and player).

First off-is it possible to install to disk onto the second comp? If so what's going wrong please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 11 Sep 2009

You can only transfer the install files -
yo need to download the program and select save (rather than run) and where it asks where to sve to navigate to memory stick or extermnal drive which can be plugged into the other machine when the download is complete.

You cannot select A CD/ DVD direct as it cannot burn a downloading file to a disk however if you save to hard drive and then use burning software you can burn the file to a disk after is complete.

  symphony 11:07 12 Sep 2009

Following your advice Fruit Bat, I downloaded to a memory stick. Thanks.

Trouble is I cannot remove all traces from the net computer and the program on the stick does not have full functionality and I can't get it working. (I keep downloading it to the stick but it gets on the net comp too)

The net comp won't remove its own program 'cos it's corrupted. Because of this (????) I'm not being given the option to 'save' the program to the stick. The version in the net comp did have full functionality but the memory stick version seems to have bits missing.

  Sea Urchin 11:15 12 Sep 2009

Just download the program you want to the desktop of your "net" PC (for easy access). Then open My Computer, and drag the downloaded program onto the flash drive.

Once that's done plug the flash drive into the second PC and then run the program from there which will install it.

  symphony 17:58 12 Sep 2009

Hey thanks Sea Urchin. It was a doddle to get it onto the flash drive and onto the non-net comp. It's still not fully functioning for some strange reason-but it's good enough for now. i now know how to get stuff ontio the flash drive too.

Thanks to Sea Urchin and Fruit Bat.

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