Transferring Photos To / From a Google Nexus Tablet

  thegreypanther 17:29 10 Mar 2013

I recently purchased a Google Nexus 10 tablet. To help me find out how it functions I bought a "Dummies" How-To Guide, and downloaded Google's own instruction manual.

But nowhere can I find how to transfer photos FROM a camera to the tablet, or from the tablet to a PC.

I have the correct USB cabling, and can physically connect the tablet to the PC. By doing this I can see the folder locations on the tablet in Windows Explorer. But if I transfer a few JPG files from the PC to the tablet's "Gallery", they can't be seen on the tablet.

But what I would really like to do is to connect my camera to the tablet, and transfer JPG files to the tablet. This can certainly be done on an iPad (including RAW files). Surely, it can also be done on a Nexus tablet?

Any advice as to how to effect the transfer, or where to go for help, would be very much appreciated.

  muddypaws 22:08 10 Mar 2013


You might find an answer [here] if you haven't visited.[

  muddypaws 22:09 10 Mar 2013

oops-- try here

  Batch 09:39 11 Mar 2013

Not sure if this will help (as it relates to Nexus 7) but the same "philosophy" may apply. (esp the last post in the thread from thebazzaman)

  thegreypanther 10:53 11 Mar 2013

Many thanks Batch and muddypaws for pointing me towards these forums.

At the moment, even after reading advice I am only partially there. I have connected the tablet to the PC by the USB cable from the tablet. By doing this, I can access the folders on the tablet and transfer files to them from the PC.

But the ultimate goal is to connect a camera to the tablet and directly transfer photos.

I have connected the camera to the tablet using two USB cables, - camera-USB / tablet-USB, joined by a female/female connector.

I have installed Google's Media Importer App.

Turn on the camera and turn on the tablet, select the App....... and NOTHING. This is driving me nuts. I should have bought an iPad, where this process appears to be totally seamless.

But as I have a Nexus 10 tablet it looks as though I shall have to persevere!

  Woolwell 11:01 11 Mar 2013

With an iPad you connect a memory card reader not the camera and I wonder if it is the same with the Nexus.

  Woolwell 11:09 11 Mar 2013

You may need an OTG cable and set the Nexus up to recognise the camera. How to transfer photos and read FAQ2. Nexus cabales

  thegreypanther 11:27 11 Mar 2013

Woolwell, - many thanks.

I have previously downloaded photos onto two different iPads, and on each occasion simply plugged the camera into the iPad and switched on.

With the Nexus 10, I have tried using the card reader only, - also with no success.

The OTG cable on its own wouldn't help too much, - one connection is the micro USB connector (for the tablet) and the other appears to be the male connector (for the PC). The USB connector on the camera is a "mini"-USB connector. Therefore, what I have done is connect the two USB cables using a female/female connector.

Anyway, I shall now study the links you have provided. Seems to be a major carry-on for what should be a routine task!

  Woolwell 12:31 11 Mar 2013

It doesn't work like that with earlier models than the iPad4. With earlier models you have to use the sd card reader.

  muddypaws 13:00 11 Mar 2013

I haven't tried this, you may well have done and I have missed it

SD card into usb card reader and card reader into OTG thence to N10.

  thegreypanther 13:50 11 Mar 2013

muddypaws, - I've tried connecting a flash drive loaded with JPG files to the tablet (via the connector), as well as putting a CF card into a card reader and doing ditto. Still no response.

Maybe I should try another App, - though the Media Importer App is one you have to pay for (albeit £1.89p) rather than the alternative free App that's available.

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