Transferring OS to another HD

  Red Devil 13:15 10 Jul 2008

Hi all,

Ok - there's something I would like to do but am not sure if I can do it and how if I can.

Basically - my 2nd PC has it's OS on a really old HD that I fear is about to fail and I have 2 spare HDs.

What I would like to do is transfer the OS from the old HD - with all the data, etc - and transfer it to one of my better ones and make that the bootable drive - WITHOUT having to go through the process of installing the OS on the new drive.

Plus I would like to keep all the data that's already on the 2nd HD.

Can I partition the 2nd drive - and not lose any of the data on it - and make 1 partition the one that the OS loads from and then transfer the OS as is onto that partition and, if so, how do I do it? After this I would like to be able to remove the old HD, make the 2nd HD the master HD and then add the 3rd as the slave HD and be where I store all my data.

I have IDE not SATA HDs on this PC if it makes any difference.

many thanks for any help that anyone can give me on this.

  anskyber 13:28 10 Jul 2008

Clone it with Acronis. click here

  eikonuj 13:32 10 Jul 2008

Try cloning your current C drive to a newer HDD, with Acronis True Image 11. I believe there is a free trial version available, but if you can - buy it - it's worth every penny. You should be able to do all you want and more. Eikonuj

  DieSse 13:35 10 Jul 2008

Seagates Disk Wizard is designed to do exactly this - and it's a free, cutdown version of Acronis. May need a Seagate or MaxTor drive to be one of the hard drives.

click here

  pj123 15:24 10 Jul 2008

I have not had any problems using xxclone.

It will clone any hard drive and it is free.

I have also used Maxblast 5 but at least one of your hard drives must be a Maxtor hard drive.

xxclone from here:

click here

and maxblast 5 from:

click here

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