transferring,from one pc to another

  tizerlily 09:25 02 Oct 2005

can you tell me how I can transfere mainly my old personal filing cabinet (aol) to my new computer when it arrives or will I just loose everything

  MAJ 09:37 02 Oct 2005

Try here, tizerlily, see if it helps. I don't use AOL so I can't check it for you. click here

  jack 09:57 02 Oct 2005

If burning to CD is not an option the other way is
to[if you are upto it]remove the drive from the old machine set the jumper to 'slave' and connect to the drive IDE data and spare power[ or as temp measure unplug the CD drive and use this] cable on the new.Then copy all relevant files across- when done restore both machines.
That is it in a nut shell -more detailed info if you need it.

  VoG II 10:16 02 Oct 2005
  tizerlily 10:36 02 Oct 2005

thank you ,, I think i will manage to do it

  Diemmess 11:06 02 Oct 2005

As an Aol user, I have had this problem from time to time, though not very recently. The following should work..... LOL. (I am using version 9 in Windows 2000)

The important folder is ORGANIZE. Aol have buried this folder deeper and deeper with every new version..... I suggest you search for yourself on your old computer (note the American spelling with a "Z" intstead of an English "S")

When you find it (not the Shortcut), right click and COPY it. PASTE it along with other data you are going to transfer.

The path on your computers will be different from mine but you can see how deeply buried it is ---- I:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application data\AOL\I_AOL 9.0

When you have your new computer up and running with Aol installed and working...... Find the saved folder ORGANIZE from your old computer, right click and COPY, which puts it into the clipboard for the moment.

Now SEARCH for ORGANIZE on your new computer and rename it to Oldorganize or something like that. (Make a note of the path to its parent folder because you will probably have to use My Computer to find that parent folder again.)

Finally Choose EDIT > PASTE and your saved ORGANIZE should carry all the old AOL data into the new computer for Aol to find.

If it works Hooray! If it doesn't you can at least recover Oldorganize...... It may be that Aol stumbles the first time and has to be allowed to resettle the sign on screen, but that is automatic.

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