Transferring one hard drive to another

  NJ4959 16:19 16 Aug 2008

I am trying to transfer the contents (including operating system - XP Media Center 2005) from a SATA 80GB hard drive to a IDE 160GB hard drive (short term measure, extra space needed) using Norton Ghost. The process appears to go fine until I try to boot up using the IDE hard drive, when I get the 'blue screen' and the computer keeps trying to restart. Any ideas?

  woodchip 16:25 16 Aug 2008

It will only work on the same computer it came from. You can do that with XXCOPY click here

  NJ4959 16:29 16 Aug 2008

Thanks. It is the same computer, I just need the extra space until I upgrade the whole thing later this year.

  hastelloy 16:30 16 Aug 2008

You need to be making a clone for this to work.

  NJ4959 16:34 16 Aug 2008

Is that the same as copy drive in Ghost? (which I used). Is it anything to do with one drive being SATA, and the other IDE?

  hastelloy 16:39 16 Aug 2008

A copy of the drive won't work so you need a clone. It's a long time since I used Norton Ghost so I can't remember how, but I know it will do it. I use Acronis True Image.

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