Transferring Old HDD..

  BaboonBoy22 10:10 25 Aug 2005

Hi there, I have a hdd from my old machine with all my data in it, and I'm going to put it a mates machine and use an external hdd to transfer the data across, which I will then use to put the data onto my new machine. Can anyone tell me if it's going to be as simple as that? or am I being naive?

(Some of you may be thinkin well why don't I just put my old hdd into my new machine.. well if anything goes wrong I dont want to hurt my new baby! (God that's sad.. sorry. lol))

  Gongoozler 11:51 25 Aug 2005

Hi BaboonBoy22. I think that as long as both machines can support the external HDD (i.e. the old machine isn't so old that it doesn't have any suitable ports), then what you are proposing should be entirely practical. I'm guessing that by "data" you mean things like word processor files, pictures, old emails etc. Presumably you are aware that program files can't be transferred. I always back up important data files to CD or DVD so they can be restored in case of hard drive corruption or failure, these are then also easy to transfer to a new machine.

  BaboonBoy22 11:55 25 Aug 2005

Sorry should have made it more clear.. My old machine died.. so its only an internal hdd drive that I have. Wonna put all my files from that onto my new pc.

  Gongoozler 11:56 25 Aug 2005

Hi again BaboonBoy22. Sorry I just reread your posting. As you are using your mate's machine to do the transfer, that is the one that has to support the external HD.

  Giant68 12:03 25 Aug 2005


I've done this several times using the method you describe and have had no problems.


  xania 12:05 25 Aug 2005

You cannot use your existing HDD in your mates PC as a master drive - you can only use it as a slave drive. The reason for this is that your HDD has the operating system set up to work with your motherboard - it will need almost rebuilding to work on your mate's - unless, of course, he has exactly the same mobo and configuration, which is very unlikely.

To set up the HDD as a slave drive, you will need to adjust the jumpers on the back of the HDD - there should be a sticker explaining the various settings necessary, and you will then also need to ensure that your mates PC BIOS is set up to see the slave. Assuming your mates master is not partitioned (i.e.only has a C:\ partition) your old HDD will then appear as D:\ and you can then proceeed to work with it as you wish.

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