Transferring Office Licence to Another PC

  RegScriv 14:58 07 Nov 2013

Can anyone advise on how I can transfer an MS Office licence from a pc that I'm ditching to another pc.

  wiz-king 15:05 07 Nov 2013

It depends on the version of Office, if you have an OEM version (preinstalled when you got the computer) it cannot be reinstalled. If it is a full retail version then just install from the disc. You will need to activate with the serial number from the CD box.

  RegScriv 15:23 07 Nov 2013

It's a full version of MS Office for Students & Teachers 2003 on CD with a 3 pc licence. Problem is that I've installed it already on 3 pcs, one of which is on XP. This one I'm ditching for a new Windows 8 pc. I'd like to transfer it but dealing with Microsoft is a nightmare. The other possible alternative is to use an old copy of MS Office97, which doesn't have the restrictions on it - but will it work with Windows 8

  Jollyjohn 15:46 07 Nov 2013

Assuming you have the disc and licence key, just install it on W8 pc. Report back if you have any issues.

If you run the transfer wizard it will copy the licence details across. Note you will need to download the correct transfer wizard for XP to Windows 8

  chub_tor 15:49 07 Nov 2013

I have moved my copy of MS Office for Students and Teachers 2003 several times onto different machines as I have upgraded them. I have had no problems with activating it by telephone although I have found that it is easier to get a response if you answer 1 to the question "How many PCs is this installed on." even though it is a 3 licence piece of software. I certainly have not found dealing with Microsoft a nightmare.

You might find that this link helps you

  RegScriv 16:39 07 Nov 2013

Are you able to advise on the telephone number I have to ring. Looking at the info on these sites it's hard to see a telephone number

  bumpkin 16:39 07 Nov 2013

If you uninstall it from the PC you are not going to use it on then there should be no problem activating it by phone for use on the new one.

  bumpkin 17:04 07 Nov 2013

see if this is any help click here

  RegScriv 20:31 07 Nov 2013

Ok, thanks guys. I'll install it on the new computer and see what comes up under the Activation process. Any problems I'll come back to see if you can help

  RegScriv 15:35 08 Nov 2013

Cracked it. MS Office 2003 installed & activated. Thanks guys.

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