Transferring OE6 from old hard drive to new

  toogie 10:22 21 Jul 2010

In a 2009 posting "Clapton is God" provided advice on how to make the transfer. I have just tried to do this but fail at the first fence. When I tried to open OE6 on my old drive it opened the new OE6 that I had begun to create on my new drive so I could not continue with item 1. from his instructions below: For info.I have my old drive installed as Slave with it "disabled" in the boot start menu.

Clapton is God

Sun, 18/10/[email protected]:03

OK. If you can re-attach the old hard drive, this is how to export your OE address book and then import it back into OE on your new hard drive:

1. On the File menu, click Export and then Address Book
2. Click Text File (Comma Separated Values) and then click Export
3. Click Browse
4. Locate the Mail Backup folder that you created
5. In the File Name box, type Address Book Backup and then click Save
6. Click Next
7. Click to select the check boxes for the fields that you want to export and then click Finish
8. Click OK and Close

  toogie 10:56 21 Jul 2010

MAT ALAN Thanks for advice but, even though I have enabled the slave drive at boot up, the OS6 on the slave opens to the newly created OS6 !!

  lotvic 14:14 21 Jul 2010

No, no, don't delete your new OE6, you need to IMPORT

Hook up the old drive as slave
Now you need to 'show hidden files and folders'
Open Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View > and put dot in 'show hidden files and folders' click on 'Apply' and 'OK'

Open your new OE6
File > menu > Import > in the new box 'Select Program' choose 'outlook express 6' and click on 'Next'
new box opens, put dot in 'Import mail from an OE6 store directory' click on OK
new box opens, 'Location of Messages' click on 'Browse'
new box opens, 'Browse for Folder' navigate to the OLD drive and
Documents and settings>yourname>Local settings>Application
Data>Identities> {long folder name of numbers symbols and letters} > Microsoft> Outlook Express
highlight select 'Outlook Express' click on 'Next'
in box 'Location of Messages' click on 'Next'
Select 'All Folders' and click on 'Next'
a new box opens and tells you 'Import Complete' click on 'Finish'

  lotvic 14:19 21 Jul 2010

edit, slight typo. should read:
Open your new OE6
File > Import > messages

  toogie 15:33 21 Jul 2010

lotvic, absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I have all of my emails (over 1400) back where they now belong !!
I do have one more request for help though, because the process has not recovered my address book. Should it have done or is it because I have not managed to back up correctly?

  lotvic 18:29 21 Jul 2010

Glad the messages are sorted :)
Windows Address Book
You can IMPORT in same way as the message import. just choose File > Import > Address Book
browse to
[Harddrive Letter]:\Documents and Settings\[your name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\[your name].wab
select (highlight) the .wab then click on 'Open' and it will do it.

  toogie 21:45 21 Jul 2010

Thanks that was easy.
One last thing!! Do you have any ideas why my new OE6, which is now up and running will send emails ok but will not receive ? I have checked all the account details and they look ok.

  lotvic 00:27 22 Jul 2010

Just for reference for anyone reading this thread, the instructions from 'Clapton is God' are correct way to export from old drive to a Backup Folder that can later be used to import into a new OE6 on a new master drive
Instructions require the old drive to be bootable and in pc as master.
Then you export the data and save it in Mail Backup folder that you created
Then you take out the old drive and put new one in as master and import the data from Mail Backup folder (that you have put on a USB memory stick or other removable media)

Notice you have green ticked resolved so presume you got mail receive settings sorted ok :)

  toogie 08:32 22 Jul 2010

lotvic.....sorry but no I must have ticked resolved by mistake. If you are still reading this I will keep you posted. I hope to find some time later today to try again to see why OE6 refuses to receive

  toogie 08:33 22 Jul 2010

lotvic.....sorry but no I must have ticked resolved by mistake. If you are still reading this I will keep you posted. I hope to find some time later today to try again to see why OE6 refuses to receive

  toogie 12:26 22 Jul 2010

lotvic, problem solved. I had a password conflict between my ISP password and ones I was using on OE6 Accounts.

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