Transferring OE etc to my new PC

  [DELETED] 09:27 07 Aug 2003

I just ordered a new PC to replace my ageing one and am trying to figure out how to transfer all the emails I and my wife have in OE to the new PC so that. We currently use W98 and will move to XP. We have two 'identities' currently but I understand XP will allow us to log on as different users so I'm not sure how that will handle two different email users.

Is there any guidance about on how to

a) move our two email file to the new PC and
b) how we would set up OE in XP verses how it is now?

Thanks for any pointers.

  xania 10:37 07 Aug 2003

click here for Express Assist which will store all your OE files, address book and Favorites etc.

When you come to re-load, you need to select all, but note that this will NOT automatically include your address book and favorites - you will need to scroll down to the end where you will have to check the appropriate boxes first.

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