Transferring Mini DV footage to PC software

  Skinn 22:55 16 Feb 2009

When my firewire does actually work ( details of problems in another post), I have downloaded 30GB of Mini DV clips to my PC using Ulead VideoStudio 6.

The downloading process seemed to work quite well but now when I try to view the clips the following occurs:

When I click on a clip it launches Windows Media Player. This takes a while to open and then the clip plays in slow motion, juddering frames and no sound. The PC then becomes virtually inoperable as everything seems to freeze and I often have to depress the power button to shut it down.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? The PC is quite 'old' -four years - and only has 512Mb RAM. Would that have anything to do with it? It downloads internet clips alright.

  eedcam 05:53 17 Feb 2009

As a 5 min clip in mini dv is just overone G/byte and you havent got much memory ram wise you are struggling but what about Disc space how much fo you have and have you defragged recently .If you have 30 G of video you need possibly twice that space available on the disc

  Skinn 13:10 21 Mar 2009

Could anyone tell me how to compress the footage?

Having just checked the folder, the file size is 30Gb! Do I need to recapture the footage from the mini DV tapes or can I convert the existing captured footage?

Thanks in advance.

  Skinn 13:21 21 Mar 2009

Forgot to say, I'm also going to upgrade the RAM. This is the report from CrucialScan:

* Maximum Memory Capacity: 1048576 MB
* Currently Installed Memory: 768 MB
* Available Memory Slots: 2
* Number of Banks: 4
* Dual Channel Support: N.A.
* CPU Manufacturer: AuthenticAMD
* CPU Family: AMD Sempron(tm) 3000+ Model 10, Stepping 0
* CPU Speed: 2000 MHz

Based upon this spec. what should the RAM be upgraded to and in one or two cards?

Thanks in advance.

  eedcam 15:41 21 Mar 2009

Compress the footage well dvd (mpeg2) is the way to go if you intend to burn to dvd.Otherwise need to think about some of the lesser AVI frmulas Div x etc.,o

  Skinn 18:29 21 Mar 2009

Thanks. Any chance of you elaborating on how to do this as totally unfamiliar with formats and compressing.

  eedcam 18:49 21 Mar 2009

What do you intend to do with the footage ultimately. Is this one continuous 30G/byte file or is it several smaller clips.

  Skinn 22:54 21 Mar 2009

It's four mini DV tapes of clips/footage of varying lengths.

I want to compress it to a format which will not take up so much hard drive space. I want to store it on my PC and back it up to my external hard drive.

Any thoughts on the RAM upgrade?

  eedcam 12:22 22 Mar 2009

Hi sorry for thedelay .OK they are in smaller chunks fine you can try Super c to convert use this link then when it opens choose the Download from mirror link that will take you straight to a download
click here
You may well get awarning you aint got enough memory but not much we can do about that at the mo.Not surewhat is best in that dept might be better starting a post specifiaclly about the ram
Back to video when you open Super you have to drag the file onto it . Choose what you want to convert to ( the original will be untouched) so be warned you will have even more space used up
You could just try dvd standard first in the top left drop down box compare your original files size against the converted and the quality lte me know how you get on .It wiil take considerable time to convert so best done and go and mow the lawn several times Ha!

  Skinn 17:17 05 Apr 2009

Thanks for the replies. For someone who has not done this before, can anyone suggest a simple programme with instructions to carry this out?

Thanks in advance.

  eedcam 18:27 05 Apr 2009

Hi assume you dont want to use super ok then the only other suggestion I have but that limits the format to dvd (Mpeg2) only is sothink dvd maker its free and fret not you dont need to make a dvd unless you wish you can just choose save to folder .I would suggest add a small bit of footage to get you familiar in a short time .Then add about 2 hours worth and it'll bring that down to about 4.3 G/byte but will take considrable time . In fact as you only have about 2 and half hours of footage you could even put it all in the one folder by choosing DVD 9 which is 8 plus Gbyte again it will still be to afolder.See whatyou think
click here

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