Transferring Microsoft Office 2003 to a new PC

  Jeff B 20:12 05 Oct 2011

On my existing PC I have Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 running under Windows XP. I have bought a new PC which has Windows 7. I would like to uninstall Office 2003 from my old PC and re-install it on my new PC. Will this be possible? If not, can I upgrade to Office 2010 (Home & Business) without having to pay the full price for the latter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:22 05 Oct 2011

As long as you have the disc and it wasn't pre installed OEM on the old machine there will be no problem.

  Jeff B 20:37 05 Oct 2011

Fruit Bat - thanks for your rapid response! As I remember, there was an earlier version of Office preinstalled on my old PC but I upgraded to the Small Business Edition. I still have the Small Business Edition CD from 2003 (it is kosher I should add!) with the product key. BTW: I had heard that Microsoft have included something in the software to prevent you transferring from one PC to another? I could understand this if I were thinking about trying to install the same software onto a second PC but I'm not - I'm simply wanting to remove it from my old PC and put it on the new one!

  wee eddie 21:04 05 Oct 2011

If your Copy is an Upgrade, you will be asked, during the Installation for the Qualifying Disk. That is the one from which you upgraded.

On the other hand you may be able to make a Disk Image with Acronis and Transfer that, but I have no idea if it would work, or how to do it.

I think that, like me, you will have to bite the bullet and put your hand in your pocket and buy a New Copy as Office 2010 is not available as an Upgrade.

  robin_x 21:38 05 Oct 2011

If you have discs, just try it.

I have successfully moved Office 2000 from computer to computer. It doesn't do an online check as far as I know.

Whether 2003 does I don't know.

  robin_x 21:42 05 Oct 2011

Oh, and, 2000 needed a couple of manual tweaks to run under W7.

Should you have problems or want to delay any modern purchase, OpenOffice and LibreOffice are free and compatible.

  Housten 11:06 06 Oct 2011

Jeff B,

you say you have a CD, well just use that it should work. I had Vista and upgraded to Windows 7 Home premium and installed office Professional 2003 straight on to the machine with no problem. We got a laptop for my wife which came with a trial edition of a later edition and the I upgraded to the same windows. On installing the programme it went on to the laptop with, again, no problem. I have been happy with using 2003 and never seen the necessity to upgrade, so would suggest that it is at least worth a try to see if you can get it installed and working on your new computer.

  lotvic 11:55 06 Oct 2011

On my Office Small Business Edition 2003 my EULA says I can install on two machines.

Open Word | Help | About MS Word | then click on View End User Licence Agreement

  onthelimit1 13:08 06 Oct 2011

If you're unable to transfer it, and have children at school somewhere in the family, Software4students is a good source for MS products - neighbour got W7 for 38 quid. Office 2010 Proffesional plus is a shade cheaper enter link description here

  wee eddie 14:19 06 Oct 2011

You will still need the Qualifying Disk, as your copy of SBE is an Upgrade.

  Jeff B 19:47 10 Oct 2011

Thanks to all of you who took the time to reply to my question i.e. Fruit Bat, wee eddie, robinofloxley, Housten, lotvic and onthelimit1.

I first tried to install Office 2003 SBE from the disk I have. (Lotvic - the licence agreement I have also allows loading on one other PC too as long as I am the user it seems). As wee eddie pointed out, I did indeed need the original version! The new PC would not allow me to install Office 2003 without installing the original version (Office 2000) first. After doing that, the 2003 version loaded ok. I then just had to complete the authorisation code which I got by dialling an 0800 number provided by Microsoft. Everything seems to be ok. I guess the acid test will be when I set up Outlook to send/receive emails and see if that works ok! When I have copied all my files to the new PC I will remove the Office 2003 programs from the old PC, as I will probably have to dump it.

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