Transferring McAfee subscription

  Bigpeat 18:52 11 Dec 2010

I have a PC running McAfee with almost another full year's subscription paid for. McAfee was preinstalled on the PC and I don't have a CD with McAfee software. I now want to buy a new PC (which has no preinstalled antivirus software) and wish to transfer the existing McAfee subscription from my present PC to the new one. How do I do this? The McAfee website doesn't explain the process. Thanks for any advice.

  GaT7 19:18 11 Dec 2010

Not guaranteed to work but worth a try...

Download, install & run the free Belarc Advisor click here. The report it generates will give a list of all the installed software & their licence keys (lower down the page), including the McAfee one hopefully. Make a careful note of the McAfee licence key.

Download the same McAfee trial software (identical version too if possible) & install it on the new PC. Now try registering the licence key, you noted down earlier, with this new install. This option can usually be found under > Help > Register (or similar) of the McAfee software.

If it works, make sure to uninstall the McAfee software from the old PC, as you're probably not eligible to use it on two systems simultaneously.

If it doesn't work, then it's quite likely that the licence was only meant for the old system it was preinstalled on. Or, the versions don't match exactly.

Another thing to look into is the possibility of getting free security software for the new PC from your bank if you bank with them online. E.g. Barclays bank offers Kaspersky Internet Security (includes antivirus) for free to its online customers click here. G

  Bigpeat 22:20 11 Dec 2010

Thanks Crossbow 7. As it happens my bak offers a 12-month sub to McAfee and I am investigating this. Have also emailed McAfee via their Help webpage and await a reply ...............

  compumac 22:40 11 Dec 2010

Just check that what is being offered by the bank is the same programme that you have paid for. I downloaded McAfee free the bank but found that it was just a basic package as opposed to the (perhaps) McAfee Total Protection that you may have paid for. As previously stated ensure that you have the licence number before removing from old PC.

  BT 08:20 12 Dec 2010

I have McAfee and have had it for a number of uears. If you have bought it online or registered it properly there shouldn't be any problem with transferring it. Your Subscription will specify how many PCs its for and as long as you don't exceed this you can just download it onto your new PC. I have done this a couple of times, as well as when reformatting, without any problems at all.

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