Transferring IDE drive to SATA

  frostysnowman 16:50 01 Aug 2008

I am about to install a SATA I (Maxtor) drive in my A8V-VM Mobo. I already have an IDE drive set at Primary Master (Boot drive).
I would like to just transfer the Windows XP installation on the IDE drive to the SATA drive so that I do not have to reinstall Windows.
I have read about a utility called 'DiscWizard' on the Seagate site which can clone drives. I am confused however about the issue of the SATA controller drivers. Does 'DiscWizard' handle these drivers or do I have to install them separately. If I have to install them, at what point in the cloning are they installed? Thanks for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 01 Aug 2008

Sata drivers are loaded at the F6 prompt during the initial part of windows setup.

hopefully you won't need then as the motherboard will have them in the BIOS.

once you have "cloned" the op system drive, change the BIOS to make sure that it boots the SATA drive as first boot device and it shold the boot up into you normal system. but the stat dive will be the C: drive.

  frostysnowman 10:33 10 Dec 2008

Thanks for your sdvice and sorry for the delay in replying.

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