Transferring files from one location to another

  Benjamin88 09:09 19 Mar 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm running into some serious issues when it comes to copying files from one hard drive to another or even to back them up properly.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I've been saving and backing up some important files for at least 15 years. From family pictures, holiday trips to music that I have been recording. I've always managed to keep those files safe onto a hard drive and would regularly transfer them to a new one from time to time to make sure that they're being preciously kept. I've recently sold my MacBook Pro and have copied the files from there to the same hard drive that I use to keep the older ones.

About a month ago, I have decided to back everything up onto a second hard drive to make sure that I have another copy of my MacBook Pro files + the old ones that I've had for 15 years in case anything goes wrong with the primary external hard drive.

Now my problem is that when I copy and paste from one hard drive to the other, there is a BIG size difference that's being copied. I have about 2 TB of files in total, and only 750 GB is being copied... I have also subscribed to a yearly plan with a famous online backup company, however, the files are still being backed up as we speak, my pc has been on for nearly 6 days and the upload is only 20% complete...

I do not understand what I'm doing wrong, I've always backed up my files this way (copy and paste) and I don't remember having so much trouble doing so. Copy and Paste from one location to another was my best friend, yes it took some time but if the file was 85gb, then 85gb would be copied onto the new location without any data loss or at least without showing any differences in size.

What has changed since 2013? Maybe it's just me but I am genuinely running out of ideas. I mean it shouldn't be that complicated? I've been at it for almost a week trying to figure out how I can make a second copy of my hard drive.

Would anyone be so kind to help or offer solutions?

Thanks for your time,



  wiganken2 19:10 19 Mar 2018

How much room is there on the destination HD? When you try to copy 2TB of data to the 2nd HD do you get any warning messages about there not being enough room on the destination disk? Is the destination drive partition formatted in FAT32? If so the maximum single file size that can be copied to it is limited to 4GB/file so any video files, which can be very large, may not get copied over. I know you only mention pictures and music but you may have large video files that you do not mention. I am surprised you are not getting warning messages which would give you a clue as to what is happening. Possible solution: - Format the drive in NTFS format

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