Transferring files to new machine

  davecartman 10:16 12 Jul 2017

I am buying a new laptop and want to transfer files, my pictures, my music etc, from the old machine running Vista to the new one running W10. Sorry if this is a stupid question but do I simply copy the files and or folders to an external usb device and then drag them onto the new machine? I do not want to mess up the new laptop right at the start.

  lotvic 11:38 12 Jul 2017

Yes, it is usual to copy personal folders/files to ext drive and then copy from that to new laptop. However if new W10 has only SSD drive you may want to consider it's GB size. It may be more practical, if you have lots of data, to keep some on the ext hard drive instead of filling up the SSD. OR if new laptop has SATA hard drive it may have partitions, one of which is for Data/Documents.

If you want suggestions for best set up, post back with details of the hard drive (and it's partitions) that is in the new W10 laptop.

  davecartman 12:06 12 Jul 2017

lotvic, Thanks for reply. New laptop is coming today, I do not know about partitions but the drive is a 256GB SSD, I was looking for guidance upfront so as not to get it all wrong. Although 256GB is not a lot in todays terms the present machine has only 55GB used of the HDD so it would seem there is plenty of capacity to spare. If I were to copy all relevant data to the ext drive and then to the new machine the ext drive would also act as a backup. Am I correct ?

  wee eddie 12:18 12 Jul 2017

I suppose that a question that should be asked.

What are you going to do with your old laptop?

If the answer is, nothing, it might be a good idea to buy a Caddy/Enclosure and put the old Hard Drive into it. These Caddies can be bought for about a tenner on eBay.

Once you have transferred your old files across to your new Lappy, you format your new External Drive to get rid of Windows and all the other detritus, then you can use it as a backup for your new Lappy

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 12 Jul 2017

Is it just a SDD and is there a HDD as well?

Make and model of new laptop?

I keep the op system on the SSD and have transferred the "User files" to the HDD makes it much easier if something goes wrong with the op system (viruses bad updates etc.) as its easier to reload a small image to the SSD. Plus I can make a sparte image of my data files as well.

  davecartman 13:18 12 Jul 2017

Make and Model HP pavillion x360 13-u100na HP website does not mention a HDD

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 12 Jul 2017

Agree no mention of a HDD 256GB will soon fill up with a few films ;0)

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