Transferring Files from Minidisk to PC

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I have a Sony NetMD Walkman MZ-N707. I recorded my wife playing piano (sad, I know...) onto minidisk but when I try to transfer the file from MD to PC (running WinXP) via OpenMG Jukebox (software that came with MD) I get the error message "Selected song(s) cannot be checked in".

Speaking to a friend, he said that Sony incorporated some sort of copyright protection to prevent people from recording live gigs or whatever and then transferring onto PC. Fair enough, but what about those of us who wish to record non-copyright material?

Anyway, anyone got any suggestions as to how I can get round this? Thanks

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record it onto a cassette and get a tape streamer. only thing i could think of.

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Thanks for that, but I think I'd lose too much quality, plus I don't want to shell out any more cash when I should have the capabilities to transfer from MD to PC.

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Any more takers?

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If you have a soundcard with an optical in you could take the optical out on the mini disk to the optical in on your soundcard, failing that you can use the line out on your mini disk to to the line in on your soundcard.The only problem with the above methods is the transfer will be in real time.

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to upload using your USB cable from MD to PC on Sony Net MD machines. There have been rumours on newsgroups [alt.minidisc] about someone cracking the software; and there is even a website where you can sign a petition to Sony begging them to change their software - but no-one can yet do it. The copyright protection seems very strange to me - the main copyright problems come from CD copying which, as we know, is made as easy as possible by people like ... well Sony. However, if you use your line in, and record in real time, the quality should not be that poor. You could always purchase one of those USB plug-in units [about £80 from Xitel I think], which are supposed to improve the quality further.



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I just typed in 'MD to PC' [exact phrase] into my Copernic search engine and it listed dozens of ways to break the code and/or techniques to work-a-round this annoying limitation.

One site is here: click here

No guarantees though, I've literally just looked myself.

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Did you find anything in the end?

  [DELETED] 20:48 22 Sep 2003

looks like an enhanced line-in solution in real time rather than a USB upload.

  frappy 10:09 23 Sep 2003

I transfer mini-disc recordings (mainly voice recordings + some music) from Line Out (MD) to Line In (PC) onto Cool Edit Pro programme. Edit where required and burn onto CD.

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