Transferring files etc from old comp to new comp

  rins36 21:12 21 May 2003

I have stuff on the old comp that I want on the new comp, I am sure when I bought the new comp there was a link that went along the lines:- transfer to new comp

Cant find this anywhere, is there such a link or have I dreamt it.

Files, e-mails & a pic that is saved as wallpaper to transfer

HP 733 comp (new one)

  doorman 21:53 21 May 2003


Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

  User-312386 21:57 21 May 2003

transfer wizard also transfers the registry files as well

be careful as you could have a lot of junk transferred as well

  rins36 23:03 21 May 2003

doorman.....Thanks will give it a go

madboy33™ easy way to delete the rubbish that comes with the transfer...i.e registry etc

  Megatyte 23:18 21 May 2003

The easiest way is to install your old drive as a slave in the new computer. Drag and drop the files you need and then remove the drive(assuming you need to keep it in the old computer)


  rins36 00:23 22 May 2003


Lads are having old computer in the bedroom for homework etc

How do I:-

install old drive as a slave in the new computer. Drag and drop the files needed and then remove the drive

  rins36 23:24 22 May 2003

back to the top....

  doorman 00:11 23 May 2003

I've just pulled the following from the MS help files

"Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard helps you move your data files and personal settings from your old computer to your new one, without having to go through much of the same configuration you did with your old computer. For example, you can take your personal display properties, folder and taskbar options, and Internet browser and mail settings from your old computer and place them on the new one.

The wizard will also move specific files or entire folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favourites."

Rather than messing about in the innards of your nice new computer trying to swap hard drives about, I would suggest the above would be the easy option.

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