transferring files from a broken laptop

  colber87 02:05 14 Feb 2019

hey, wondering if anyone can help me, I have a HP pavilion laptop with a broken screen, it is around 8 years old and basically beyond economical repair, however I have years worth of photos and stuff saved to that laptop and would really like them back, usually I would connect the laptop to another monitor using the HDMI cable, however in this case that is also broken, anybody got any ideas on a way I can do this without spending money on fixing the computer as I have now bought a new laptop

  BT 08:36 14 Feb 2019

Its simple really. Remove the Hard Drive, usually under a panel on the bottom. Buy a Hard drive Caddy, very cheap on Amazon etc. Fit Hard Drive into caddy, Plug into a USB socket on your new computer and you will be able to access the drive, assuming of course that its not broken.

  john bunyan 08:59 14 Feb 2019

Alternative is to use a tv or monitor so you can see old PC and copy files etc to a external drive or large memory stick the put the on new one

  wee eddie 10:18 14 Feb 2019

The advantage of BT's method would be that, after you have done your transfer to the new Laptop, you can Format the old Hard Drive, in its Caddy, and you have an External Hard Drive that you can use for backing up your new Lappy.

All for about a £10'er

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:02 14 Feb 2019

Putting a drive into the external caddy is the easiest method the only problem you may face is taking ownership of the files so you can transfer to the new machine

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  BT 11:12 14 Feb 2019

taking ownership of the files

Can't say I've ever found that a problem

  john bunyan 11:24 14 Feb 2019

Agree best method is remove HD but in some laptops they are buried inside

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