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Transferring Emails To New System

  Joseph Kerr 13:38 30 Aug 2010

I'll have a new (Win 7) machine in the very near future but I'd like the smoothest changeover I can get, especially when it comes to transferring my emails over. I've tried the procedure of backing up emails in OE before, with horrible consequences.

I currently use Windows Live Mail with a Talk Talk account. I prefer Outlook Express but that will not be an option with Windows 7 will it? The retailer I'm using often put Open Office on their machines (which I may need initially as my MS is too old to work on Win 7), so I could use whatever comes with that, if anything or, of course, Windows Live Mail again, but the main thing is to get everything transferred successfully.

I don't really like Win Live Mail's habbit of putting certain symbols and smileys in when you type certain character combinations. Also, I'd prefer to stay with a desktop based client.

Would the backup and retrieval procedure be different depending on which client I pick?

I'm going to be cheeky and ask a couple of supplementary questions, related to th enew machine, but not to the email situation.

Does DDR3 RAM come in a dual channel variety and if so is it much more expensive (as I have been quoted for DDR3 as opposed to dual channel DDR2)?

It will be a 64 bit system. Might this raise any software issues? As for hardware, I've checked and my scanner and printer seem to have drivers, I just hope the external HDD, mouse and keyboard and monitor will be OK. The mouse and keyboard and monitor will be replaced before too long but not immediately.

I have asked the shop all this but getting answers seems to be slow to say the least, so any help would be gratefully recieved.

  Joseph Kerr 17:59 30 Aug 2010

Thanks Woolwell.

I have been told if I use Win Live Mail again I should be able to find all my emails online, but I don't really understand...?

In either case, how would i go about backing up and transferring my emails over to the new client?

  Joseph Kerr 20:12 30 Aug 2010

Ah OK, thankyou both.

  Joseph Kerr 22:33 30 Aug 2010

Thanks gazzaho.

  Joseph Kerr 22:34 30 Aug 2010

Thats the one Sea Urchin.

  Joseph Kerr 13:44 31 Aug 2010

Thast the problem, you dont have to intend to use a smiley to get one, it just happens if you need to use a particular combination of characters, which happens. Though I must admit rarely.

But thanks for the chance to give this a cheeky bump.

I've been told RAM isnt dual core, the motherboard either is or isnt. Anyone know what thats all about?

  Joseph Kerr 14:52 31 Aug 2010

One suggestion I've had:

"...install Thunderbird on the old machine, import everything from OE into it on first start-up, then use the ImportExportTools add-on for Thunderbird to save mail, addresses, etc to a USB drive or whatever.

Then on the new machine install Thuderbird and the IET add-on, and use this to import all the data from the USB."

Though I might need to find some more instructions.

  Joseph Kerr 14:06 11 Sep 2010

Hi folks.

So, I downloaded TB and the add-on. Windows didn't want to open the add-on as it didn't know which programme created it...

Would it be simpler to just use Windows Live Mail (which I use now) on my new PC? What would I have to do then?

  Joseph Kerr 10:52 13 Sep 2010

If anyone has any idea how to transfer all my mail and addresses from Win Live Mail on my current machine to Win Live Mail on my new one, I'd be most grateful for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:02 13 Sep 2010
  Joseph Kerr 12:32 13 Sep 2010

Thanks folks, I'll have a look.

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