Transferring from easyspace to Heart

  jacobjohn7 13:18 24 Mar 2009

Dear members.
my hosting package is about to expire with easyspace, I have looked at transferring my domain name to heart, but on looking to do so within easyspace they have stated that there is an admin charge of £15+vat to transfer an (domain?) account away. any experience of this, i was thinking that if my hosting expires in april, then I am not liable to the one off charge?
Any help appreciated.

  MAJ 13:29 24 Mar 2009

Your domain name and your hosting are two different things. Some companies do charge an 'Admin' fee to transfer your Domain name. Consider yourself lucky that it's only £15+VAT, I have seen some charge £90 and more.

  jacobjohn7 13:34 24 Mar 2009

cheers MAJ, that is absolutely crazy... it does not sound legal to me.

  Forum Editor 16:54 24 Mar 2009

although it always strikes me as a little bit mean - it takes no time at all to retag a name to a different host.

The fact is, your hosting account is an entirely separate matter from your domain name, as MAJ points out, and the company can make the charge if they wish - you have no option but to pay it if you want the name retagged.

  HighTower 19:10 26 Mar 2009

You could perhaps change your nameservers with easyspace to point to Heart, set up your hosting and email services with Heart and then cancel the easyspace hosting? No transfer of name here hence no charge?

Not perfect, but might save you £15 and you'll still have all the features of the Heart control panel and hosting package, just as if the name was registered with them.

  jacobjohn7 22:04 26 Mar 2009

thanks for idea HT... any idea how to point it to Heart.. where abouts to do it etc.. sorry but will have to find it myself, as I cant see them helping me out any on that one.. cheers

  Forum Editor 23:44 26 Mar 2009

surely you can transfer your domain name out to a new host yourself, can't you?

Just edit the Nameserver details for the domain, and wait for the transfer to complete, which it will normally do within 24 hours.

  HighTower 18:48 29 Mar 2009

but it varies from host to host. I (and Forum Editor I believe) have a Heart reseller account and I think we have been spoiled by the excellent control panel that comes with it. I know that some hosts allow everything except domain transfers from their control panel, but there should be something in the Easyspace setup that lets you at least change DNS?

I believe that the way to do this will be to change your nameservers from Easyspace to Heart. Heart's nameservers are (primary) and (secondary). You would set up your hosting with Heart first and tell them that the domain name is hosted elsewhere, and then make these DNS changes with Easyspace. I'm sure that Heart will walk you through it - they've always had outstanding tech support with me.

If you can't find anywhere to modify DNS settings in your Easyspace control panel then just contact them and ask them to do it for you. They can't not, as you own the domain name.

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