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Transferring documents from 1 PC to another?

  Daisy22 19:01 01 Dec 2006

I have bought a USB key which is 1gb for backing up work files and transferring to another PC.

I used the "cut and paste" system, using the desktop item to transfer to the USB key. On the original PC it seemed to work, but when I tried the transfer to the different PC, it had only saved the desktop shortcuts.

What is the best way to do this saving and transferring please?

  Daisy22 19:03 01 Dec 2006

I forgot to say that the files I wish to transfer are database (not sure which one) which contain information and photos.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 01 Dec 2006

You need to select the file itself rather than the shortcut in the Start menu documens list.

I prefer to use the send to powertoy click here , allows me to right click file or files and send them to wherever I wish.

  Daisy22 19:29 01 Dec 2006

I don't really want to go downloading programmes, surely there is an easier way?

  Daisy22 11:08 02 Dec 2006

Thanks Woolwell I tried as you suggested.

When I put the memory stick into one of my USB ports (e port)on the second PC I can see the folders I wanted to transfer. However when I open one of them, all it is showing are my own files/folders that were already on the PC!

With the other files/folders I get an error message which says "c:program files/..... refers to a location that is unavailable, check to make sure the disk is properly inserted etc. etc.

I haven't done this before so I'm obviously doing something wrong, but what??

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